Howl be damned.

James Franco walking in New York

James Franco walking in New York

Filming started Monday in New York for the movie “Howl”. The film, a reenactment within a documentary,  centers around Allen Ginsberg’s obscenity trial for the publishing of his poem entitled “Howl”, which addresses sexuality, specifically homosexuality and illicit drug use. A reenacted documentary with high profile stars is a great idea. “Milk” went with a documentary feel and that turned out fantastic, so I’m interested to see the editor execute this one.

James Franco in trouble

James Franco in trouble

Rounding out the cast are: Paul Rudd, Mary Louise Parker, and Alan Alda. I wonder if there’s a lot of pot being circulated through their trailers, I mean the stars of “Pineapple Express”, “Weeds”, “Mash”, and “Role Models” making a serious flick together almost merits a weed session in Parker’s trailer as they attempt to get to the heart of their characters while noshing on Powerbars and Jamba Juice.

Franco is an interesting casting choice to play Ginsberg, who was remembered as a portly bearded gent. Franco will be portraying the young Ginsberg, pictured below.

Young Allen Ginsberg image:

Young Allen Ginsberg image:

I can see the resemblance. They’re both white men who smoke and wear black rimmed glasses. Resemblance aside, here comes an Oscar nod for Mr. Franco and I can’t wait for that acceptance speech.

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