Twilight Releases at Midnight?

Rob Pattinson GQ
Rob Pattinson GQ

The sexiest 22 year old alive and the most hyped movie release of 2008 are coming back for more at midnight. Twilight releases on DVD in 45 minutes and retail chains all over are hosting midnight release parties, well mainly Borders books, Hot Topic, and Claire’s. The streets will flood with teenage girls, their boy cut undies across America will…no…that’ll be too far. Somewhere someone will get pregnant after watching this with their tween boyfriend. I will review the movie and it’s DVD extrasas soon as I get a copy but for now I’ll leave you with a few Pattinson pics just to boost my ratings.

Twilight DVD cover
Twilight DVD cover

And a little more…rob-pattinson-chair

and..edwardand finally Pattinson brooding at the Oscars..


Author: Danger Bowie

I am a screenwriter and Tom Hardy enthusiast based in Los Angeles. I love movies, TV, writing, and traveling.

13 thoughts on “Twilight Releases at Midnight?”

  1. I didn’t think this film would survive the box office. To my surprise it was quite good. two thumb up.

  2. Rob Pattinson will by my lover soon! Anyone who hasn’t seen this movie master piece is a big looser!

  3. Thanks for the question Xena! Well here’s the explanation behind my name.

    Adjective that describes your state of mind
    Your real last name
    Your perfect pseudonym

    Good luck with Robert Pattinson and thanks for supporting

  4. Why does Bob Pattinson always look like hes faking depression in every picture? Hide the razors, Bobs gonna cut across again! Oh, and from here on out, Im only gonna call him Bob.

  5. You know, by calling him Bob, you actually make him a percent less hot. Not cool Jesus. And BTW Rob is not a cutter, smoking is his self mutilation. Ha.

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