Twilight breaks another record. Quelle surprise.


The Cullens

In a shocking turn of events, the “Twilight” dvd sold over 3 million copies on it’s Saturday release date. It joins the rank of the top 5 highest grossing single day dvd releases in history, keeping sexy company with Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Harry Potter 5, and Dark Knight.

On a side note, kudos to Summit Entertainment for holding their own in the face of the big companies like Disney and Warner Brothers. Alongside the top selling “Twilight”, they also put out the number one movie at the box office this weekend, “Knowing”. Drink a pint of blood for the underdog as you click on Fandango to preorder a few tickets to “Transformers 2”.

Here’s a Rob Patz pic for good measure:

The man with the broken eyebrow.

The man with the broken eyebrow.