My eccentric 2010 hero, James Franco, is going to add another memorable title to his resume: musician. Kalup Linzy and Mr. Franco are setting up to make 2011 another year to remember. The new power duo made an announcement today on their Facebook page:

 In 2011, expect an album, music videos, performances, and production on Linzy’s feature film debut in which Franco will co-star and co-produce with his production company Rabbit Bandini Productions. Where dreams, art, music, films, soap operas, real life, and performance art collide. Kalup and Franco.

Mr. Franco, is there anything you can’t do?

James Franco is my hero. He does it all without an inch of regard for the spun out, soul killing, media.  Acting, school, writing, performance art, cross-dressing, soap operas, while becoming a recipient of High Times’ Man of the Year award. After watching “127 hours” this morning, I fully believe he will win the Best Actor trophy at the 2011 Academy awards and he deserves it. My favorite Franco character will always be “Saul Silver” from 2009’s stoner action-comedy, “Pineapple Express”. A movie that I hold real close to my heart. I can’t wait to see what else Franco has up his sleeve.

James Franco is going to make me watch General Hospital


James Franco, star of Pineapple Express and the aboved pictured delicious Gucci ad campaign, is taking a brief foray into the world of daytime television with a small arc on General Hospital. After years of laughing at my mother for her addiction to soap operas, I shall now become the victim to my mom’s jeers on November 23rd, the date of Franco’s first scheduled appearance.

People are talking madness about Franco’s decision to take a step backwards in a career that has been steadily progressing since his turn as a boy hooker in 2002’s “Sonny”. Franco has never been a conventional actor, mostly choosing roles in extremely offbeat movies.Please watch, “An American Crime” a.s.a.p. and join me in the hole of sadness I fell into after viewing the aforementioned movie. Franco is amazing and I look forward to seeing him invade General Hospital and turn it on it’s ass. Enjoy a Franco pic for the road.franco wet

Danny McBride is in Ireland, I send my love from afar.


A few of my favorite actors of all time are all in Belfast right now doing principle production for the upcoming David Gordon Green helmed comedy, “Your Highness”.

Principal Photography on ‘Your Highness’, directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), is due to commence on Monday 20th July on location in Northern Ireland and the Paint Hall Belfast.

The fantasy film which is written by Danny McBride and Ben Best will be produced by Scott Stuber through his Universal-based company Stuber Productions. Mark Huffam from NI production company Generator Entertainment will executive produce with Stuber’s Jon Mone and Danny McBride.

The shoot will last for 3 months and Director of Photography Tim Orr (David Gordon Green’s go to lense man), Production Designer is Mark Tildsley (28 Days Later, The Constant Gardener).


The film is about an arrogant, lazy prince (my dearest McBride) and his hero brother who must complete a quest in order to save their father’s kingdom. The cast features an award winning lineup including Natalie Portman (The Other Boleyn Girl, Star Wars), Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer), Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, EastBound and Down) and James Franco (Spider Man 3, Pineapple Express).

danny-mcbride naked

The film is expected to infuse as much as £10 million into the economy, employing hundreds of cast, crew and extras from Northern Ireland.

So not only is McBride curing the world with his glorious comedy, he is poised to save the Irish economy.Well him and a few others..but let’s not argue semantics. Either way with the late addition of the “quirky” Zooey Deschanel, I’m assured that “Your Highness” will be yet another top notch comedy featruing Mr. McBride and company. Now if I could only teleport to a certain shooting location in Ireland, I’d be a very happy Danger Bowie.

Howl be damned.

James Franco walking in New York
James Franco walking in New York

Filming started Monday in New York for the movie “Howl”. The film, a reenactment within a documentary,  centers around Allen Ginsberg’s obscenity trial for the publishing of his poem entitled “Howl”, which addresses sexuality, specifically homosexuality and illicit drug use. A reenacted documentary with high profile stars is a great idea. “Milk” went with a documentary feel and that turned out fantastic, so I’m interested to see the editor execute this one.

James Franco in trouble
James Franco in trouble

Rounding out the cast are: Paul Rudd, Mary Louise Parker, and Alan Alda. I wonder if there’s a lot of pot being circulated through their trailers, I mean the stars of “Pineapple Express”, “Weeds”, “Mash”, and “Role Models” making a serious flick together almost merits a weed session in Parker’s trailer as they attempt to get to the heart of their characters while noshing on Powerbars and Jamba Juice.

Franco is an interesting casting choice to play Ginsberg, who was remembered as a portly bearded gent. Franco will be portraying the young Ginsberg, pictured below.

Young Allen Ginsberg image:
Young Allen Ginsberg image:

I can see the resemblance. They’re both white men who smoke and wear black rimmed glasses. Resemblance aside, here comes an Oscar nod for Mr. Franco and I can’t wait for that acceptance speech.