Barbie Ferreira Exits HBO’s Euphoria

Barbie Ferreira as “Kat” in Euphoria S1

On Aug. 24, model and Euphoria regular Barbie Ferreira is leaving the controversial HBO series, which all but cut her character, Kat, out of the action in season 2. Ferreira, who played a minor role in the Jordan Peele’s blockbuster hit Nope, announced her departure from the critically acclaimed series via an Instagram story:

Ferreira’s character was a fan favorite and perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the award-winning series’ first season. A plus-size teen learning how to embrace her curves and navigate new love, Kat was the type of character that similar teen shows would’ve relegated to the background, where she’d only peek out to help the lead character resolve a problem. But in season 1, this depressing trope of the plus-size friend with zero dimension was turned on its head. Sure, there was no fairytale ending but it felt like viewers were being treated to something truly special. But fans were upset with Kat’s lack of character development and reduced presence in the sophomore season’s narrative, which largely focused on Rue’s addiction and Cassie’s downward spiral.

Back when season 2 was airing, rumors swirled on social media about a conflict between Ferreira and Euphoria showrunner/director/producer/writer Sam Levinson. In February, The Daily Beast ran a story about the unconfirmed feud, alleging that Ferreira was unhappy with Kat’s development and had walked off the set at least twice during filming, according to unnamed production sources.

Whether or not we ever find out the real reason for Ferreira’s departure, it’s safe to say that Kat’s presence on the show will be greatly missed. (Personally, I’d love to see Ferreira lead a rom-com.)