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September can not get here fast enough. HARDYLUST


James McAvoy and Seth Rogen in the same movie. My bizarre dreams are coming true.


Sweet Jimmy Mac I knew you had it in you. Variety reported today that James McAvoy has signed on to star in comedic adaptation of the Will Reiser novel “I’m With Cancer.” Nicole Holofcener will direct, and the pic will co-star Seth Rogen, who is also producing.


In the first major project McAvoy has agreed to star in since the Universal comicbook actioner “Wanted” and its upcoming sequel, he will play a 25-year-old who learns he has cancer and successfully battles the disease over several years.

After watching the BBC’s Shameless in which McAvoy costarred, I can honestly say that while he is a gorgeous stallion of a man with a 10,000 yard deathsex stare, he does have comedic chops. The pairing of these two shall be monumental and rank rather highly on the Danger Bowie spank it meter. Seth Rogen is unstoppable. I can’t wait to see who’ll he co star with next. Perhaps if the powers that be hear my eternal cries, we can expect Pineapple Express 2 with Brad Pitt joining the cast as Gary Cole’s long lost brother, who is fresh out of prison and wants to avenge his late brother death. Coming at you in 2013. One can always dream.

Rob Pattinson’s “Memoirs”

Rob Pattinson is suspicious.

Rob Pattinson is suspicious.

It’s been soooo long since I’ve posted about R-Patty, but finally some real news. He just signed on to star in the new movie “Memoirs”, a romantic drama about 2 lovers trying to make it work in the face of family tragedies. Allen Coulter of “Hollywoodland” is set to direct and Jenny Lumet, “Rachel Getting Married” screenwriter, will rewrite the original screenplay. She is awesome.

Rob is R-Patty

Rob is R-Patty

The biggest surprise (not really) of all is that Summit Entertainment is going to lay down the cash to get this to a theater near you. Dollar, dollar, bill, Summit knows how to capitalize on the R-Patty fan’s Sanrio wallets. Kudos to them. No word yet on who Rob’s love interest will be, but rest assured whoever the lucky lady is , she will be harassed and judged by women around the world for years to come. Ask poor Kristen Stewart.