Whip it…Good


According to IMDB.com “Whip It” is the story of a young misfit from Bodeen, Texas finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin. This movie was actually one of the few that Hollywood has offered up in recent years where a group of women are not completely obsessed with clothes or boys, a movie empowering girls to be independent and stand up for themselves.

Drew Barrymore, in her directorial debut, shows promise as a filmmaker relishing the opportunity to tell a coming of age story with varying elements of action. It’s as cheesy as any coming of age flick inevitably will be, but the star studded female cast do a great job of taking the reins of their characters and living it up. Kristen Wiig shows sincerity in her role as Ellen Page’s “guardian angel, “Maggie Mayhem”. Juliette Lewis does a great job as the fiery “Iron Maven”, Page’s antagonist rival Derby skating competition. Marcia Gay Harden performance as the bitchy strict mom had me intears for the last 45 minutes of the movie. Daniel Stern, in one of his better performances since Home Alone, serves up a genuine performance as Page’s caring and supportive father. whipit1-hurl scouts

Arrested Development alum, Alia Shawkat, is all kinds of sass and charm, playing the quintessential best friend, I hope that this gives her the much needed showcase to get her some more roles because she deserves her own movie. But it is Ellen Page as Bliss Cavender that steals the show. With a mix of her Juno charm and her heartfelt performance from “An American Crime”, Page is the catalyst from which my coming of age tears were flowing. Support Whip It because it dares to defy the standard archetype and because it is possible for women to want to succeed on their own accord. One can only hope that Whip it will be the first of many.

Obsessed: A Promising Cast Gets Stuck With a Not So Promising Story

I don't like people playing on my phone.
I don’t like people playing on my phone.


Sorry for the brief absence kids, but I’m back with a vengeance. I had the opportunity to check out last weekend’s #1 movie “Obsessed,” starring Beyoncé, Idris Elba, and Ali Larter. I’ll start by saying that it’s nice to have a movie with minority leads get the top spot at the box office. However, next time I’d prefer a flick that was 90% more original and did not feature the entire story in the 2-minute trailer.

*spoilers ahead*

Idris Elba, enjoying an amazing year of work, plays Beyoncé’s super successful, super suave, super naive husband Derek Charles. He is an asset manager; Jerry O’ Connell is his best friend; and everything is right with the world. Until Ali Larter’s character, “Lisa,” starts working at his firm as his temp. She is immediately attracted to Derek, and who wouldn’t be, he’s attractive, successful, a loving family man, and just naive enough to not see that Lisa has become, well, obsessed with him. Beyonce plays Sharon, a no-nonsense housewife, who used to be Derek’s assistant at the office. Lisa takes sexual matters into her own hands at the company Christmas party by sneaking into the bathroom while Derek is taking a leak and proceeding to seduce him. After this the shit pretty much hits the fan. Lisa begins to stalk him, gets access to his car and hotel room during a business trip, and proceeds to try to make the man her own.

Idris Elba, Beyonce, Ali Larter
Idris Elba, Beyonce, Ali Larter

The movie is being touted as “Jungle Fever’ meets “Fatal Attraction” — huge comparisons to live up to. The derivative story  gave a promising cast nothing to work with. At times, the audience’s comments during the screening made the movie more interesting. For other movies this would have spelled the kiss of death, but in this case public opinion was very welcomed. It’s nice to see a diverse cast but it’s even nicer when you don’t feel like your demographic is being mocked. Screw the Madea effect, where the studios now believe that Black people will watch anything starring Black people. It’s insulting. I hope the next time a disposable interracial suspense thriller is greenlit, the studios remember that it’s not just casting that’s important, a decent script is a necessary requirement as well.

Happy Birthday Taylor Hanson!

Jordan Taylor Hanson+2

Jordan Taylor Hanson+3

26 years ago on this glorious day God gave us Taylor Hanson. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Taylor is the second child of Diana and Clarke Hanson. The future would prove that Mr. Taylor Hanson would never come second again.

In May of 1997 when Hanson  blew up the scene, a young alternative rock loving 14 year old Danger Bowie removed her Tuesday underwear and they were secretly Hanson’s for the keeping. To the chagrine of her mother/supplier, Danger became engulfed in Hanson mania. Isaac, the older brother, with a face he was still growing into, was my absolute favorite. My cat’s pajamas. Pictures of his giant horse head adorned my walls and my heart. Taylor was my best friend Haley’s favorite brother but I would have a secret menage a trois in my head on Saturday night’s with him and Isaac or Ike as I affectionately called him.

Hanson in bubbles

Hanson in bubbles

I have no idea where Haley is now and my secret musical tastes only have eyes for the Jonas Brothers, which makes me not only a pedophile but the biggest traitor this side of  “MMMBop”.  Yet I will never forget the pure raw desire that I felt as I listened to their breakout album “Middle Of Nowhere” . It ignited a disgusting underdeveloped stream of lust, a high that I chase to this day at 26 years old. So I want to say to you Taylor Hanson, one third of the truest group to my heart; You can stop looking for the love because it’s right here. Now please walk away before you get me pregnant because as it turns out you Hansons are some baby making motherfuckers.