In defense of ‘Jennifer’s Body’


I’m very confused by this weekend’s box office results. Diablo Cody, Oscar winning screenwriter, and Transformers’ star Megan Fox released a horror/comedy movie  and it only managed to take 5th place, taking in a little over $6 million in its opening weekend. What?!


So why didn’t the movie perform to expectations? Megan Fox did a complete blitz marketing campaign, from a zillion magazine covers to starting feuds with Michael Bay and mental health. saw a 200% increase in site views because of the last Megan Fox post. Even writer Diablo Cody was out there pimping it strong but to no avail. Perhaps the R-rating killed the chances of a large portion of it’s would be audience. There was also talks on the interweb about how the horror comedy genre just doesn’t play well to Americans. What “they” are saying  is that we (Americans) will watch giant robots come to life and breakdance, we can get into teen angst vampires, but the concept of Evil Dead or Gremlins just don’t do it for us commercially? Bollocks.

I firmly stand behind this project because it is so rare that you get a movie written, directed and starring women in non traditional roles.It’s always the same  romantic comedy that paints a one sided picture of the ditz/chubby/awkward/dumb girl who eventually gets the guy. They took Jennifer’s Body and spun in it in an entirely different direction and kudos to them. I hope that this softer opening weekend doesn’t prevent these ladies from continuing to make movies that feature women in different societal roles. Long live Diablo!

I propose you watch “The Proposal”

the proposal

I made my way over to the theater yesterday to experience the sugary romcom goodness of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in “The Proposal”. At first one would assume this to be yet another in a string of disposable romantic flicks but hark I tell you, hark! This movie showcases the usual syrupy sweet formula, bitch boss gets in a predicament and underling is forced to help. The movie takes you to the land of cheesiness but never allows you to get off the train. Sandra’s relentlessly bitchy boss is fun to watch coupled with 2 tons of snarky jokes executed with amazing comedic timing by Mr. Reynolds and his ubiquitous abs. The dingy old rom-com formula has been tweaked to near perfection and you’re mostly just excited to be along for the ride.

Sandra Bullock reminds me of why I liked her so much in the first place, she’s not typical and her comedy chops, all slapstick and brilliant in her $2,000 5 inch stilettos. Betty White does an amazing job in the supporting slot, coming close to stealing the movie from Reynolds, but his buff buffness would not allow it. If you’re a dude, enjoy the light comedy and Sandra Bullock’s practically nude shower scene and if you’re a lady then go so you can dream about washing your clothes on Reynolds washboard abs while he strokes your hair and whispers naughty self aware quips in your ear.

Oh and here’s a little eye candy or spank material for all the ladies out there. Thanks for visiting us here at, there’s plenty more where this came from. Wink*.

ryan reynolds

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