Sex Drive. Straight to Video? Apparently not.


This movie comes highly recommended from my stoner friends and that may be saying it all here folks. The undeniably tired genre of teen comedy is practically put to bed in this forgettable buddy flick. The few laughs courtesy of Clark Duke ( check out, 10 minute webisodes featuring Clark and Michael Cera of “Superbad” fame, will make you laugh repeatedly) are not nearly enough to keep this turd afloat.


James Marsden (who can’t really catch a break in Hollywood ever) plays the quintessential bully older brother “Rex” who probably chugged18 Red Bulls to appear super hyped during each scene. In the lead acting position is Mr. Josh Zuckerman playing “Ian” is mind numbingly bland, so much so that I felt like he was still in shock that he got the lead during the filming of this cookie cutter “bro” comedy.

Urged by Lance (Duke) to steal Rex’s car so that he could drive one state over to lose his virginity to his internet girlfriend whom he’s never met, Ian heads out on the road trip from hell with Lance and Felicia, Ian’s attractive female best friend who likes Lance but Ian likes her, and she might like Ian but they’re best friends since the first grade and she doesn’t want to ruin that. A lot going on huh? Isn’t it funny how people in movies are always best friends since they were 2 months old? I don’t know anyone from 1st grade, I can only assume they went on to graduate from grade school to pursue a life of crime. I can’t waste another molecule of energy hating this movie so I’ll sum it up short and sweet. Shenanigans ensue, a couple sight gags and a completely predictable ending later, “Sex Drive” left me completely flaccid.