South Park is like fine wine

Season 13 episode 2 "The Coon" click on picture to view episode
Season 13 episode 2 "The Coon" click on picture to view episode

Going into Season 13 of the beloved controversial “South Park” you may wonder where can the guys go from here? Well fear not originality because if episode 2 of Season 13 is any indication then South Park is getting better with age.

Entitled “The Coon”, the episode stars with Cartman running around in downtown South Park at nighttime dressed like a giant raccoon. His voice over chimes in on crime, black presidents, Cartman’s city is a whore and he must save her. The Coon is the symbol his city needs. An obvious rip on “The Watchmen”, “Dark Knight” and “The Spirit”, Trey Parker and Matt Stone kick it into high gear, adding a rival hero “Mysterion” just to steal Cartman’s thunder and piss him off in the process.

Highlight of the episode would have to be “Coonicon 2009” a convention Cartmen throws in honor of his vigilante self, where he sits in a hotel banquet room filled with “Coon” merchandise and propaganda but not one single guest shows up. The hotel concierge steps in to thank him for his continued business, this being the hotel where he threw the Ginger Pride Convention and the AIDS benefit, and Cartman flips out.

Cartman is "The Coon"
Who is "The Coon"?

South Park has remained topical, funny, but most importantly timely. While The Simpsons struggle for relevance, Family Guy fights to be rude and crass, South Park holds the honor of keeping with the times and staying true to its cause. Watch South Park above all else, not because Cartman wants you to, but because it’s what your city needs.