I may actually have a real scoop to break. I love the movie “RockNRolla” passionately. There has always been promise of a sequel titled, “The Real RockNRollas”. All of us fans were hanging back for Ritchie to tire of making his blockbuster flicks and return back to the quirky gangster flick we all love so much.

Alas, all hope is lost. I was on Twitter a few days ago and decided to ask Idris Elba who played “Mumbles” in “RockNRolla”  if there would ever be a sequel. To my surprise, he responded minutes later:

no I don’t think so. Sorry”

I have to admit that while i was excited to finally have an answer, I am completely saddened that I’ll never be able to see anymore hijinx and tomfoolery from The Wild Bunch.  

Rest in peace

Wild Bunch.

Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf are allegedly teaming up to star as bootlegging brothers in “The Wettest County in the World”. Pardon me for a second.

*Squeal* Backflip. *Swoon.

The film is based on a novel from Matt Bondurant about a family of Prohibition-era bootleggers, and crimes committed by and against them.  

I find these gentle lads to be perfectly suited to play brothers.  They have a loose cannon, street vibe in common, that will make for exciting on-screen chemistry. Oh and they’re hot. Doesn’t hurt.

I love movies. I speak all the things cinematic with anyone who will dare listen. I visit IMDB.com the way most people visit Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace (if it was 5 years ago). However, I can’t stand the new and “improved” IMDB. I could be a stubborn a-hole who hates change (80% true) or maybe the new IMDB is not as good as the old one. Either way, I feel like this renovation is killing my ability to deftly maneuver through all of Gerard Butler’s acting credits and trivia. R.I.P. old IMDB. Long live, Mr. Butler. Yum.

Nic Cage is my Zoloft. If I’m ever in a funk, I pop in “Face Off”, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”, or any of the other 1,200 flicks this invaluable man has starred in. Cage don’t hold back. Be it his unusual hair stylings, or his untamed mildly incoherent acting techniques, this man is here for all of our pleasure.

One day I was feeling blue so I put on my ol’ Netflix instant player and decided to  view the magnificent yet rare classic Cage supernatural thriller, “Vampire’s Kiss”. I have yet to see an acting performance that has made me double over with laughter for 90 minutes. Nobody works harder than him. 

 Thank you, Nic Cage. May you never stop being the best. 

James Franco is my hero. He does it all without an inch of regard for the spun out, soul killing, media.  Acting, school, writing, performance art, cross-dressing, soap operas, while becoming a recipient of High Times’ Man of the Year award. After watching “127 hours” this morning, I fully believe he will win the Best Actor trophy at the 2011 Academy awards and he deserves it. My favorite Franco character will always be “Saul Silver” from 2009’s stoner action-comedy, “Pineapple Express”. A movie that I hold real close to my heart. I can’t wait to see what else Franco has up his sleeve.