Danger Bowie Exclusive: Idris Elba Says RockNRolla Sequel Is a No Go


I may actually have a real scoop to break. I love the movie “RockNRolla” passionately. There has always been promise of a sequel titled, “The Real RockNRollas”. All of us fans were hanging back for Ritchie to tire of making his blockbuster flicks and return back to the quirky gangster flick we all love so much.

Alas, all hope is lost. I was on Twitter a few days ago and decided to ask Idris Elba who played “Mumbles” in “RockNRolla”  if there would ever be a sequel. To my surprise, he responded minutes later:

no I don’t think so. Sorry”

I have to admit that while i was excited to finally have an answer, I am completely saddened that I’ll never be able to see anymore hijinx and tomfoolery from The Wild Bunch.  

Rest in peace

Wild Bunch.


“Black Swan” is an amazing movie. Tragic, well-acted, beautifully shot. Director Darren Aronofsky is always successful in making cinema that consistently haunts me. I was a 12th grader when I first saw “Requiem for a Dream”. When the movie ended, I went to bed. There was nothing I could do afterwards, it shook me to my core.  The rawness of drug addiction, broken childhoods, and loneliness was too much for my immature 17 year old spirit. 

Then 2 years ago, I drug myself to my local indie theater and saw “The Wrestler”. Afterwards I drove home and went to bed. At 25, I wasn;t ready for the grittiness of Randy the Ram’s world. The idea that your dreams may not come true and that you could indeed grow old still waiting to make a mark, was captured in a way that felt very real. Too real.

I think that’s what I love the best about Aronofsky. He manages to showcase multi-dimensional characters trapped in situations that seem much too real. The young friends who fall victim to drug abuse, poverty and horrid childhoods. The perfectionist ballerina who unravels because of her own self doubt. The old weary wrestler willing to sacrifice his life for one last shot. The possibility of these people and their situations coexisting in my world, in reality, makes every character study Aronofsky brings to life more haunting and effective than any film released by his peers. 

South Park returns with “Dead Celebrities”


Matt and Trey are my heroes and after watching tonight’s mid-season premiere of “South Park” I’m ready to get a shirt made that says just that.The premiere episode entitled, “Dead Celebrities” focuses on Kyle’s little Canadian brother Ike, who is being haunted by the ghost of television infomercial demigod, Billy Mays.

But wait! There’s more!! This episode was entirely devoted to showcasing EVERY celebrity that died this summer, and because they create the episodes so quickly no one is exempt, David Carradine with a noose around his neck wearing fishnets, Natasha Richardson in ski gear, not even “Point Break’s” own freshly laid to rest Patrick Swayze or MTV’s DJ. AM. Alas, it was the ghost of Michael Jackson and his shrill cries of “you’re ignorant” and “tee hees” that made my eyes rain.

With a brilliant subplot tying together ‘mexican food to-go superking’s’ Chipotle and Billy Mays’  newest product “Chipotl-Away“, and a child’s beauty pageant ,they took no prisoners. I cried with laughter at the absurdity of  the lady from Poltergeist being thrown out of a hospital window and exploding on the ground after the ghost of Michael Jackson  calls her ignorant, possesses the EKG machine, and with a sonic boom, puts an end to her story line.

It is always an amazing treat tuning in week after week to see how far Matt and Trey are willing to take things. The pop culture commentary is hit on the nose in ways that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will never be able to replicate. It’s so perfectly gauche, witty,  tasteless and  perfectly executed. Enough of me polishing their knobs. Do yourself a favor and head over to southparkstudios.com and see what you’re missing.

Whip it…Good


According to IMDB.com “Whip It” is the story of a young misfit from Bodeen, Texas finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin. This movie was actually one of the few that Hollywood has offered up in recent years where a group of women are not completely obsessed with clothes or boys, a movie empowering girls to be independent and stand up for themselves.

Drew Barrymore, in her directorial debut, shows promise as a filmmaker relishing the opportunity to tell a coming of age story with varying elements of action. It’s as cheesy as any coming of age flick inevitably will be, but the star studded female cast do a great job of taking the reins of their characters and living it up. Kristen Wiig shows sincerity in her role as Ellen Page’s “guardian angel, “Maggie Mayhem”. Juliette Lewis does a great job as the fiery “Iron Maven”, Page’s antagonist rival Derby skating competition. Marcia Gay Harden performance as the bitchy strict mom had me intears for the last 45 minutes of the movie. Daniel Stern, in one of his better performances since Home Alone, serves up a genuine performance as Page’s caring and supportive father. whipit1-hurl scouts

Arrested Development alum, Alia Shawkat, is all kinds of sass and charm, playing the quintessential best friend, I hope that this gives her the much needed showcase to get her some more roles because she deserves her own movie. But it is Ellen Page as Bliss Cavender that steals the show. With a mix of her Juno charm and her heartfelt performance from “An American Crime”, Page is the catalyst from which my coming of age tears were flowing. Support Whip It because it dares to defy the standard archetype and because it is possible for women to want to succeed on their own accord. One can only hope that Whip it will be the first of many.

Zombieland is #1, thank you America


Just as I had given up all hope that Hollywood would ever produce another original movie in walks “Zombieland”. The buzz was small but impressive, and as I arrived at the theater my excitement became wiley. After the audience did a thorough job at laughing at the extended New Moon trailer, the movie started off with a cinematic bang and I barely had time to catch my breath.

A beautiful slow motion action sequence bled into the introduction of the narrator, played to perfection by Jesse Eisenberg. One can almost always expect to be slightly mocked by movie narration. Most writers can’t figure out how to use this plot device to explain their story to the audience without making them feel like they are dumbasses but that is where Zombieland differs. The writing is modern, witty, sharp and accessible. After spending some alone time we make our way over to meet Woody Harrelson’s character, “Tallahassee” and then the real fun begins.

A friendship is created amidst the post apocalyptic world these unlikely chums are forced to inhabit, where a deadly disease is turning everyone into the flesh eating undead. There are certain rules you must always follow in order to survive and sometimes you may be forced to break a few.ZOMBIELAND

Harrelson demonstrates the lunatic charm we all love to see from him. While Eisenberg usurps Michael Cera’s every nerd crown and succeeds in places where Cera has never been cuz remember that Eisenberg was on the scene first. The zombie journey continues and we are introduced to a pair of ass kicking sisters, played by Emma Stone (Superbad) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine)  hellbent on familial survival. The story takes a shift at this point but t’s not for the worse. Twists, turns and a brilliant cameo ensue and I left that theater with a giant smile on my undead face.

I can confidently say that Zombieland is now my favorite movie of 2009 so far. Beautifully shot, written and acted, I was so overwhelmingly entertained that it was jarring. I suggest that if you are heading out to the cinema that you give this movie your box office dollar. You will not regret it.

Tooth Fairy the Movie starring The Rock!?!

tooth-fairy-poster-1HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Really? A movie about the Tooth Fairy? Oh crap but it’s stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (kudos on stealing Vin Diesel’s career by actually having posessing talent AND muscles)so it looks like my maternal unit will be forcing me to watch this on her dime and I’ll wind up secretly enjoying it(Race to Witch Mountain) while vocally detesting everything it stands for to prove a cinematically snobby  point. I can not believe “The Eyebrow” wrestler dude from WWF’s Smackdown has made a viable career out of making wildly successful Disney movies. Maybe Warner Brothers should usurp Triple H and the Hardy Boyz for a few bromantic comedies?tooth-fairy-trailer-rock

It’s Coming..


Happy Tuesday morning to my vampire lusting America. Just a reminder November 20 2009  is less than 2 months away. That means only 56 days until the phenomenon that is New Moon, takes over the world. Ladies around the globe prepare to have your hearts melted at the hands of the ravenous vampiric love beast that is Edward Cullen. Swoon.

HBO scores again with Bored To Death


Thank God for the fall tv season. Just as we were all preparing the noose from having to endure  a summer of “Wipeout”, “VH1’s Daisy of Love” and whatever vile MTV had going, premium television has interceded with yet another fantastic series. Enter HBO’s newest comedy half hour series , “Bored to Death”. Written for the screen by Jonathan Ames (author of several funny novels you should have read already), “Bored..” tells the semi-autobiographical story of a  writer named Jonathan Ames, who fresh off a break up, decides to use Craigslist.org as a comedic plot device to cure himself of writer’s block and a broken heart.


With a maybe minor addiction to pot and white wine Ames manages to get himself into one hilarious ordeal after another. Schwartzman makes a magnificent transition from the big screen with the help of his supporting cast. Zach Galifianakis plays Ray, Jonathan’s comic book illustrating pal who’s comprised of endless quirks and quotables. In case you hadn’t noticed we are living in the year of Zach Galifianakis and this show is no exception. Ted Danson is another wonderful addition to the cast, playing Ames’magazine editor who has a penchant for pot and Viagra. Snark, witticisms, and a little of the morose allowed me to thoroughly enjoyed  29 and a half minutes of this show.  It’ s becoming increasingly clear that the execs of premium cable have their fingers on the pulse. They deal in edginess, something that none of these “reality tv” shows can replicate. A round of applause for Showtime and HBO for keeping it real.