Dylan Dog, finally coming to a theater near you.

Dylan Dog for your viewing pleasure

Dylan Dog for your viewing pleasure

“Dylan Dog” , a supernatural detective comic book has had a long 18 months in limbo. Original director of “Final Destination”  David R. Ellis peaced out, then there was the major location change, Louisana in lieu of London. Hastles aside it was announced today that the movie is now slated for release and will begin filming very soon in New Orleans.

Sam and Brandon image: Supermanhomepage.com

Sam and Brandon image: Supermanhomepage.com

TMNT writer, Kevin Monroe is now directing the flick which stars  Brandon Routh (Superman) as “Dylan Dog”, Sam Huntington (Jungle2Jungle) as “Marcus”, Dylan Dog’s loyal sidekick, and rounding out the cast is Taye Diggs (Equilibium) as Dylan’s vampire nemesis. Allow me to add two quick bits; 1) Sam Huntington is Paul Dano but blond, conducting a google image search really brought that to life and 2) “Equilibrium” was the most awesome movie that almost no one has seen. Damn shame, Netflix or Blockbuster it for a good time.

Diggs in "Equilibrium"

Diggs in "Equilibrium"

Now, I know Hollywood always has to kill a good thing. Just because “Dark Knight” was a success, it doesn’t mean that you should option every comic book ever made into a’ movie. Honestly I could’ve just reread my “Watchmen” comic book instead of spending that 3 hours watching a near accident, not quite as exciting as a head on collision but not neccessary to rubber neck. That’s a horrible analogy.

Just because “True Blood” and “Twilight” are making money doesn’t mean that every action movie needs a vampire. I mean “Twilight” wasn’t even a vampire movie, it was a romantic drama, er, a dromance? Sorry.

Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, and Taye Diggs in a supernatural comic book movie?

I’ll be the first to pry my foot out of mouth if this works. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Dylan Dog, finally coming to a theater near you.

  1. I don’t need to elaborate further on your genius, Danger, since the film will be mediocre at best, given the cast. I just want to draw attention to the fact that the move you chose to associate with Taye Diggs was “Equilibrium”. Can you get any more obscure or awesome?

    Small Potatoes Movie Wire


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